Lip Blush  6/26/2020

Fashion and cosmetic trends always change, but it seems that plump lips are always trendy. Even before the invention of the first commercial lipstick at the end of the 19th century, women have used various substances to emphasize their lips.

Modern era glorifies fleshy lips, which are not that hard to get anymore, with the help of cosmetic treatments. One of them is lip blush, a brand new treatment which is here to replace the infamous lip fillers.

What is lip blush?

Lip blush is an evolved semi-permanent treatment which involves inserting pigments into the edges and all over your lips thus making them look fuller. It is often achieved by using a combination of techniques: pixilating (applying small dots of pigment), shading and lining.

Lip blushing is similar to lip tattooing, but a more advanced and modern option of semi-permanent makeup for lips. It uses new techniques, more sophisticated organic pigments (often vegan) and improved digital tools that are more gentle to the skin. The result is much more natural-looking lips, without harsh lines.


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